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The first thing you need to do is install Unirest. This is used to make a request and also the parse the data returned from JsonWhois.

Of course you can use whatever you want but unirest is one of the best that we have found.


$ npm install unirest


$ gem install unirest

PHP With composer

"require" : {
"mashape/unirest-php" : "dev-master"
"autoload": {
"psr-0": {"Unirest": "lib/"}

If you dont use composer head over to Unirest to download your copy.


$ pip install unirest

After installing the package simply call "import unirest"

Making your first request with unirest and JsonWhois could not be easier. Below are a few examples.

To perform a whois lookup perform a get request to:

GET https://jsonwhois/api/v1/whois

A request of "" would return

Social Data

To perform a social lookup perform a get request to:

GET https://jsonwhois/api/v1/social

A request of "" would return

To perform a screenshot simple perform a get request to:

GET https://jsonwhois/api/v1/screenshot

Note: Sometimes screenshots can take some time due to the website having to be loaded. Therefore it is recommended that these calls are run in the background perhaps via AJAX, NodeJS or CRON.

A request of "" would return

To display the image place the "image" string in a img tag:


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