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Ever had difficulty contacting website administrators? Maybe you have a question about policies or one of the products they have posted, or maybe you've been experiencing technical issues, but it seems that they are just too busy to follow-up. One option would be to just shove them aside. If it's taking an immense amount of time for someone from the website to get in touch, then maybe they're not worth your precious time.

On the other hand, if times call for more resilience, it may be effective to dig deeper with a Whois search. The Whois database provides a number of details, such as owner information and website history for all publicly registered domains. So, provided that the owner chose public registration, a simple Whois search would lead you to the name, phone number and even the address of the website's owner.

Consider the fact that every year, millions of people buy a domain name in order to start their own websites, and there is over 300 million domains. Each domain is purchased from a registrar that has the obligation to share a domain's behind the scenes details. This makes the database one of the largest out there.

The whois database has been around since 1982 with the logical intention of being able to track anyone sending messages through ARPANET, an early form of what is now the Internet or World Wide Web. From the beginning, Whois records have long been an important source of data for investigators and cybersecurity professionals – as the information available makes for ideal starting points for cases with suspected criminal involvement. For years, Whois has been employed to identify the sources of phishing outbreaks, to profile the masterminds behind dangerous domains, and so much more.

As mentioned above you can easily do a quick search to find the domain owner's contact information. However, this general information is the tip of the iceberg. Some researchers may seek information about a site's history for various reasons. The following is a breakdown of what becomes available through a Whois search.

Data from Whois Database Download is not only used to find a domain owner's contact information. It's used by various types of people and organizations. Additional uses for a potential domain registrant would be to find a domain’s expiration date. Some names are just too enticing to pass up, so if that one of a kind name that fits your business so well is already taken, you may want to see when the name is up for grabs. Some domain seekers have gone as far as offering a deal with a domain owner to buy the domain.

Furthermore, anyone who suspects misuse of intellectual property or trademarks might incite an investigation against a suspected website. Whois can easily provide the website's ownership details. If there is an actual violation of some kind, this makes it easy to get in touch with the owner and/or registrar. Market researchers also use Whois data to evaluate and analyze domain data for a specific niche.

Speaking of which, an unconventional use for Whois data is as a source of insight for fueling marketing campaigns. For instance, it is possible for digital marketers to learn what their competition is up to by studying their recently registered domains which corresponding websites have not yet been launched. These domains can then be analyzed for hints of any possible new products or services their competitors may introduce in the future. Such insight can allow marketers to make counter offers or start new ventures that can help them stay ahead.

Cybersecurity professionals in their turn can leverage Whois to enhance their solutions with wide ranges of historic and current domain data which they can use with their existing apps to hasten the analysis and resolution of cyber attacks. Furthermore, specialists can study evidence left by cybercriminals, cross-check it with Whois information, and come up with threat profiles capable of revealing their identities and associations.

Out of the hundreds of millions of websites floating around the world wide web, a few are bound to be less than legit. Law enforcement agencies may utilize the information available through Whois to track suspected criminal activity. One way of knowing where a perpetrator is located, for example, is by looking at the details behind the TLD (top-level domain) of their associated website. Additionally, law enforcement agents can acquire additional investigative leads by identifying and querying the registrar and web hosting companies for more precise ownership information.

Lastly, it can be a good idea for registrants to conduct a Whois search for their own domains to assess for accuracy. Sometimes information needs to be updated or has mistakes. We also forget when we registered a domain and with whom it was registered. So, this can be a valuable tool for maintaining your own records.

Overall, though some may see the database as an invasion of privacy, it has many perks, and there are definitely more pros than cons.

If you're a website creator and/or business owner, a Whois database download service or search may come in handy for you or your clients. As listed above, it may be an easy way to resolve issues related to intellectual or trademark issues you may come across with other sites or companies. This is especially important because if you are a victim of impersonation, the image of your brand is on the line and may suffer if left unattended. You will be surprised by the likelihood of such an event happening in the digital world, especially when threat actors can profit from it.

Furthermore, you may want to expand your web presence, so Whois could assist you in researching future domains. One way of doing this is by performing Whois lookups on the domain names you are interested in to check if they are available for purchase. If not, you can instead get information about the current owner, get in touch with them and see if they are willing to part with their domain.

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